19 July 2014

Moving on

At the beginning of September, it will be 9 years that we have lived in the Czech Republic.  When we came, we didn't know how long it would be for, but we promised ourselves we would give it 2 years, then review how we felt.  So we kept our old house in England and rented it out, so that we had a plan B, if we ever needed it.  Well, after 2 years we left our employment, started our own business and moved into our new house here, and the rest is history.  But still we kept the house in England.  The financial crisis in 2008 meant the bottom dropped out of the housing market, and it wasn't a good time to sell.

Fast Forward to 2013 when the old septic tank gave up the ghost, and we had to have a new 22,000 pound sewerage treatment plant to meet all the new regulations (thankfully the insurance paid!)  but we decided that the time was right for selling, before anything else major went wrong (it is 400 + years old, and there is always something to go wrong!).  We gave notice in January to the current tennants, Gordon spent two weeks in April re-decorating, and the house went up for sale.  And we had sold it within 3 days!!!

Thankfully the sale went through without too many gliches and yesterday, it finally completed.  The end of an era.
Circa 1998 when we moved in
Am I sad? Well I miss my lovely garden, and have given up hope of getting to anything similar here, with the very different weather conditions

And I miss our walks in the woods with the dogs
And we had some good parties!
All grown up now.  The girl in the pink dress now has 3 children of her own!!
We were very happy there, but truthfully  it ceased being our home many years ago, so no.  It is a relief to know that it is no longer our responsibility.  We cracked open a bottle of bubbly last night and moved on ........


  1. always a sad moment when a loved part of your life goes ... but the future is there to make new memories .. and with photos the past is always there xx

  2. Mixed emotions for sure but yes, it seems like now is a good time to close that chapter. I wonder what lays ahead for you.

  3. How nice that the sale went through so easily, it was clearly the right time to sell.

  4. That's great that your house in the UK sold so fast.

  5. Congratulations on the quick sale- sounds like that must have been a case of right time - right place because it all went so smoothly.

    Does this mean you'll be in the market for a new sewing machine since you have some spare $$$?

  6. A protracted sale would have been much more painful, here's to the next decade!!

  7. Sad, but the end of an era, how you started I thought for a minute you were moving back and got a little excited! Oh well, congratulations anyway :o)

    1. Me too!

      Well done on the quick sale though.

  8. Now you have the memories and photos and none of the upkeep. Cheers!

  9. Congratulations on the sale! A rule of thumb is that if a house is appropriately priced it will sell within six weeks. Good job! Did you buy your house in Czech? Do you think you will move back to UK?