13 July 2014

More in hope than certaintly.......

Finish Along 2014

Thinking about my quarter 3 FAL projects didn't take long.  After a cracking quarter 2, I have less WIPs hanging about, and most of what is left are old faithfuls, but I did find one I had forgotten all about last quarter

1. Blue Baby quilt  - Just needs the borders, quilting and binding
2.  Ballerina cardigan - just needs on front border making, but I don't know where the wool is after all this time (or the pattern come to think of it!)
3. Boys jumper - needs the neck border making and for this one, and I have the wool and the pattern!
3.  Time for Tea - This is the one I forgot last quarter.  It just needs a border, quilting and binding, although I may opt to hand quilt this one.
5.  Diamond Falls - I'm already onto the quilting, then there's just the binding to finish
6.  Big Stitch Swap - this hand stitching project one has to be finished at the beginning of August
So that's the 6 I'm aiming for.  There's not much chance that I will finish many, as we have a couple of weeks away and lots of visitors too, and produce coming off the garden faster than I can deal with it, but I'll give it a go!


  1. After you blitzed last quarter (Overachiever - cough , cough) I think this list is a piece of cake. Good luck!

  2. Good luck! I'm sure you'll be fine if you do your usual trick of roping in the visitors ;o)

  3. Your list looks doable ( if you find the wool!) and I'm looking forward to seeing the finished blue baby quilt.