27 July 2014

The Big Stitch Swap

Once upon a time, when I was new to the on-line blogging world, I would sign up to any swap that was going, just to be "in with the in-crowd".  Nowadays, I try to be a little more selective, as I always have so many other projects going on, and my list of "quilts I will make one day" gets longer as time goes by!  So I only sign up for things I really want to do, and for something I would really appreciate receiving in return.   So when Cindy and Sarah announced a swap that would involve hand sewing, I got in there quick.  I love having a hand sewn project to do.  I find it very relaxing in the evening, and even if we have visitors (which we do... lots through summer) I can sew and chat, and not feel rude about carrying on with my sewing.

The Big Stitch Swap

The rules are simple.  I have been assigned a secret partner, I know her likes/dislikes, and  I make something for her, anything, so long as hand stitching makes up a significant portion of the project.

My hand embroidery is not brilliant (I can't see well enough these days!) so I opted for a bit of EPP.   I've had this pattern for ages
Quilting: Triangle Tipped Squares EPP Pattern

I picked out a few fabrics I thought my partner would like
Played around with them
Stage 1 EPP

Stage 2 Applique
Stage 3 Hand quilting

Finals stage today is assembly.  It'll be finished then, ready for the posting date in early AUgust, long before the next set of visitors arrive!

There are lots of other beauties appearing in the Big Stitch  flickr group, so if you can bear to use flickr, pop over and have a look at some of them.


  1. It is really looking wonderful! Can't wait to see what you turn it into.

  2. I absolutely love what you're creating! The colors are stunning and the EPP design is beautiful. Can't wait to see it finished off!

  3. This is beautiful! I actually think flickr is so much better now, it is no longer a pain to use for me.

  4. Oh beautiful. I'm in it too. I better get cracking but you have reminded me that I have a bit of EPP that I could use too.

  5. The colors in this really are fantastic. Lucky partner