09 August 2014

Summer sewing

I know you all think the weather here is hot and sunny all summer, but it's not.  We have quite a lot of storms through July and August, in between the hot bits.  Here's the weather for this week!
So whilst it's nice, I'm out sorting out tomatoes, courgettes (oh so many courgettes) Sweet corn, beans etc.etc. But I do manage to get some sewing done when it's raining.

Visitors were here from Australia last week, and I invoked the usual visitors rules - baste a quilt, earn your G & T!  I could tell Monica she wasn't thrilled about it (she's a sporty type in real life) but she got me over the worst of it.

Don't you think a quilt looks so neat and tidy when it's basted?  You may notice it's stitch basted, rather than pinned.  Possibly, just possibly, I may be going to hand quilt this one.  The hoop is on order.  I know lots of you hand quilt without a hoop, but I have arthritis in my hand, and what little hand quilting I've done, leaves me with quite a lot of pain.  Lets hope the hoop helps.

And in anticipation of the next visitors in September, I finished my baby boy quilt (which needs a name please)

I almost went with a plain white border instead of the piano keys, but I'm glad I stuck with the original plan.

So now I'm of to deal with several kilos of shallots which need pickling!
Then this afternoon I'm taxi-ing for the boys who are off to a beer festival, and I can relax over coffee with a friend.  Have a nice weekend everyone


  1. Sounds like you're having fun!!! I need to get some basting done too….

  2. Always good to make your visitors work for their keep!

  3. I can tell that basting was done BEFORE the G and T drinking because it looks perfect. I'd be happy to help you out should I ever come to visit if you pay for labour with alcohol.

    Love that quilt top - but cant help you out with a name because Im decidedly not creative like that .

  4. That's a lot of shallots to peel. I'm shedding tears for you. I already told you how much I like that quilt but I'm stumped for a name

  5. Busy, busy! Loving the boy quilt though no name suggestions. Sorry.

  6. I love your garden, it is always fantastic. Lovely quilts too!

  7. Lovely basted quilt glimpse, and good luck with the hand quilting! I have no arthritis, but prefer to hand quilt in a hoop. It's so much easier to hold a section flat with it. Just make sure not to stretch the quilt in the hoop like you would for embroidery; you want it wrinkle-free but not taut at all.
    And sorry about the impending rain (you're not the only one), but 21 degrees is still nice and warm in my book (I wish we had it...)! Enjoy your visitors!