11 October 2014

Loose ends

Because I haven't blogged much recently, there are few loose ends that need tying up, for the sake of tidiness!
First of all the last round of Ali's ATC Swap.  The theme was "Getting away from it all" and my contribution was this one

Since our holiday in Gambia a couple of years ago, I have been meaning to make an improv quilt, or mini quilt, inspired by all the colours and patterns that I encountered, which are so different to anywhere else I have visited.   Of course, I've not got round to that improv quilt yet, but thought I could maybe use the idea to make a card for this swap.   I even sewed some of it whilst on holiday in Tanzania this August.

My secret partner lives in a beautiful place on the west coast of America, which is very quiet and peaceful.  I hoped she would connect with the peace of this place in Africa.

And in return Alix sent me this beautiful card

It is a view of Portsmouth, from the beach at Ryde on the Isle of Wight.  It's not an area I know very well, but living in the middle of Europe, I do miss the sea a lot, so this will be a lovely reminder.. Even though we didn't live close to the sea in Engand, it was only 2 hours away to the welsh coast, and we used to take trips with the dogs. It's more like a 5 or 6 hour trip down to Slovinia, which is the closest coastline, but rocky so no sandy beaches.

So that's the end of the 4th round of this swap.  Looking forward to the next one in a couple of months.

I have also joined in the Little Quilts swap, organised by Sara Fielke, which is largely focused on Instagram.   We have to make one of the quilts from the book that she has written together with Amy Lobsiger, and our partner makes us one, based on our preferences.
Swap bee
I'm in Hivebelle and have been allocated my secret partner, and have chosen to make this quilt

I've made the middle and spent this morning with a fan production line going.

I just have to decide on the borders and the colour of the rik rak

At the moment I'm thinking either salmon pink rik rak (if I can get it) or turquoise (if I can't get salmon, and if I can get turquoise) on white felt.

I'm going to have to leave the other things for another day, as I have to go and dig out the projects that will go on my Q4 FAL.  Speeding up to the end of the year now - I can hardly believe it.


  1. I have been admiring your stitching and the card you got is also so lovely. The mini quilt is looking great and I too have to sort out my FAL list this morning.

  2. Love that photo of you sewing with the elephants in the background. Classic! And the postcard you made and received are great. I entirely relate to the Portsmouth one because I lived just a couple of miles from this view. Great swap. Can't wait to see the mini get done. Shall follow on IG avidly.

  3. Your stitched art card is just gorgeous Di – a riot of colour and real triumph of craftiness.

    Love your little fans too – thats going to be one cute quilt !

  4. Lovely photo of you stitching in the wild. You could put it on your bucket list to go to the top of the Tower in Portsmouth the view is amazing,as is the little ATC.

  5. What a stunning card you made, I adore it, you've been a busy lady by the looks of it. Can't wait to see your mini quilt all finished up. :o)

  6. Love that card, and looking forward to seeing your mini!

  7. These are both really great looking. That mini quilt is going to be lovely and the card you made is really special.

  8. The card is beautiful! Living near the sea in South Australia I understand the pull of the ocean. We used to live further inland, with a four and a half hour drive to be near the sea. It was something I really did miss when we lived there. Now my kids are such beach people I don't think we could make them live far away from the sea ever again.