04 October 2014

Quarter 3 FAL Tally

Finish Along 2014

I'm pretty happy with my haul for this quarter, although not so good as last quarter.  I  declared 6 projects in my original  Q3 post and actually completed 3, which I'm very happy with considering how busy I've been.  Here is my final finish, a quilt for a little boy born in August.

I made these blocks at when my local quilting group met back in spring.  I was going to make table mats, but then I had an idea that they would make a nice little boys quilt.

You can see in the first picture, that I straight line quilted it in chevrons that cross over the middle section.  It's backed with good old Ikea numbers!  It'll be off to it's new home on Monday.

My other finishes are:
Diamond Falls
Big Stitch Swap

You can see all the other finishes over at Katy's right now


  1. Lovely finishes Di. I especially like the baby quilt, it's a triumph!

  2. Di, your baby quilt is really amazing. I love that its modern and non traditional. Brilliant!

    And there is that gorgeous Diamond Falls quilt again – every time I see it I think of my Amy Butler stash and how seriously pretty it would look made into a replica of your quilt....

    I think you kicked butt for the third quarter!

  3. Between house guests, travel and playing nursemaid, I'd say you have a very productive quarter.

  4. That is lovely color and pattern combo!

  5. Och, table mats are kind of posh anyway, a quilt was definitely the way to go ;o)

  6. Love the quilting on the boy quilt. Cloth place mats only need to be washed regularly anyway. Quilts can go much longer between washing.