01 October 2014

WIP Wednesday

Usually at this time of year, I'm revving up to do the Blogtoberfest, where you post every day during the month.  It's quite pressured to know you've got to come up with something every day that's not total drivel so this year I'm going to be kind on myself, and not join in. I've been struggling to get back into blogging since summer, and what with that and Gordon just having had surgery on his knee, and things are pretty hectic at work, I just don't want to put myself under that sort of stress.

So anyway, WIP Wednesday.  Yes, I've not joined in with this for a while either!  I'm trying to fit what I can in when I can, so I am making some progress.
First up is a baby quilt for a new niece/nephew due in January.  I tried to keep it neutral, but I think it's a bit girlie, so lets hope it's a niece!

Next is a quilt for a friend's baby, Filip, born in August.

I'm also attempting  bit of hand quilting
This is my first attempt to quilt a full size quilt.  It was a bit wobbly at first.  Still is come to think of it, but it is improving!  And I have the hand quilters badge of honour - a callous forming on my left index finger where the needle comes through to the bottom.  I've tried using one of those sticky pads but I can't tell how far the needle has come through, so I'm persevering without one. I've quilted around the 3 tea pots and about 8 of the 20 something mugs.  And then there's all the stripes to quilt too.  I have a feeling this one will keep my warm throughout the winter!

So I'm linking up with Lee's WIP Wednesday, and also, again for the first time in ages, Lynne's Fresh Sewing Day

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  1. I found you through the Fresh Sewing link up! I love your projects. The hand quilting looks so good, and that is a good project to have to work on during the coming months.

  2. Both tops look great and yeah for hand quilting! I love how colourful your pictures are :)

  3. Your two baby quilts are gorgeous - you may have to hope for a girl for the first one!

  4. I am fairly sure I couldn’t do a blog post every day – so I think you’ve made the right call. Besides I think our blogs should be for the writer and not another chore where you feel pressured to drop in and post.

    It looks to me like you haven’t lost your sewing mojo. Filip’s quilt is eye catching, and I love what you’re hand quilting. (Totally my colours!)

  5. Both baby quilts are lovely. Lucky babies! I think your hand quilting looks great, not wobbly. I'm trying to finish hand quilting a quilt but it's starting to get too warm here, sigh.

  6. After having seen the hand stitching on Kaffe Fasset's quilts, which is gorgeous and very organic I shall never worry about stitch length again. I'm a bit like you - taking it slow, but I have got a finish to show. Woohoo!

  7. Blogging has become a chore for me too. But I'm glad we can do it once and a while just to keep up with each other.

  8. Nice collection there! I'm sure baby #1 can embrace both its masculine and feminine side ;o)

  9. I don't think the baby quilt is too girly at all. I think the blues in it are a gorgeous tone. I hope Gordon has recovered well from his knee surgery and is keeping up with all exercise he has to do to get full mobility again.