15 November 2014


The finish line is in sight for several of my WIP's

My offering in the Little Quilts Swap is almost finished, just the binding to sew down and a label to make

I am hopeless at labels.  I need to find a signature style and stick with it, so that they don't involve much brain power!

I have also nearly finished another baby quilt - just the binding to attach and sew down - oh and another label!

The other thing I am hopeless at is naming quilts, but you can probably tell that!

These should both be finished in a couple of days, and are both on my FAL list, which is coming along nicely, thank you for asking!!


  1. These look so nice. If you figure out a label idea please share it as I have the same problem.

  2. Ohh the mini looks gorgeous and I love the fabrics in the baby quilt!

  3. Right up there with you about being hopeless with labels . I think you’re onto to something though with the idea of a signature label that you use for each and every quilt. I’m going to give that some more thought (and if I’m lucky even develop a template )

    Two lovely projects very close to unveiling.... I’d be flipping cartwheels!

  4. make a label on spoon flower!

    1. I did that, and then changed my name :( My Mini quilt for the swap has just got marker pen on the back, tres professional!

  5. The mini looks particularly gorgeous!!!
    I'm right with you with the labels problem…….

  6. Loving the look of the mini, and yeah, I ended up labelling my hanging corners on my IG mini!