11 November 2014

It's Halloween

OK, so I'm a little late!

Every now and then we organise little team-building events at work - and I use the royal "We" there, because I have nothing to do with organising them!   Last week, we had a Halloween day.  The girls got dressed up

We had "finger" food

On the menu are severed fingers, eyeballs, draculas teeth, and blood soaked plasters

But the star of the show, who got up at 3 am to be ready for work at 6, was Petra, who seems to have the Zombie look nailed!

Can you believe, they worked all day dressed like this, although Petra did have to take the Zombie contact lenses out!


  1. She is a fantastic zombie! What fun.

  2. O. M. G! What a fantastic group of people to work with! The zombie is sooooo creepy!

  3. What, no costume on you? I hope since the rest of them went to so much effort that you got into the spirit too :oD

  4. Those fingers look completely realistic. Great food table and the Ghouls and Zombies all look incredible. Petra scared the crap out of me...

  5. Petra is scary!!! Love the finger food idea :)
    Did I tell you your charms arrived? They're so petty! Thank you.

  6. You weren't kidding when you said finger food