04 November 2014

Turning Japanese

A couple of weekends ago, I felt the need to make something for myself, just because I could.  So I pulled out the fabrics that Helen brought back for me from her visit to Japan earlier this year, and set to making a new cushion.  I picked out the Tallahassee block, as I thought the pieces are cut large enough to show off the designs on the fabric. And wo can resist a bit of paper piecing!
I admit to being rather taken with LV backgrounds at the moment.   I made a bit of a mistake by choosing the backing fabric before I picked out a binding fabric, then I couldn't find anything for the binding that looked right with the back!  In the end , I used up the remaining pieces of the Japanese fabric to make the binding.
Here it is with the rest of the cushions in the lounge
Incidentally, these do not always live together in one place, otherwise Gordon would have a hissy fit.  I share then out around the various chairs and settees, and he hardly notices them!

So thank you Helen for the beautiful fabric - I am very happy with my little cushion and I am claiming my first finish for the Quarter 4 FAL.  I have another, but it's blowing a hoolie outside, so I can't get any photos at the moment.

Finish Along 2014


  1. I'm certainly glad I read this before I commented. I was going to say Gordon is probably throwing a hissy fit with all those cushions on the settee

  2. What a great cushion again! They match together very well - that is "modern patchwork" for me. Hi Věra

  3. Knocked it out of the park Di. Your new cushion addition looks stunning!

  4. OOOh! It looks lovely and I'm so glad you could use the fabrics!

  5. Those cushions are definitely breeding! Another beauty Di!

  6. Lovely fabrics, and of course you needed another cushion, himself will be thrilled ;o)