23 November 2014

Patchwork comes to town

Yesterday there was another patchwork course here in Valtice.  There is now a core group going, mainly ladies who have busy lives, families and jobs, so little time to sew in between.  This time we were learning Bargello, which I always though was an embroidery technique.  But it turns out, it's basically the same technique used to make the Scrappy trip around the world quilt.  So instead of making a cushion, that really didn't inspire me,
I thought I'd give the Scrappy Trip around the world a go.  I know it's very last year, but that's fine, I like to plough my own furrow!  Here's what I made

Oh I can see why this was so popular.  It's addictive!  I wouldn't say it's a scrap buster exaclty, just big scraps, as you need a cut length of 16 inches. but it does use up some of these fabrics that you wonder why you bought in the first place!!  Even ugly fabrics get lost, although I am trying to be a little discerning!
Here's what some of the other girls made

And you know, in the whole day, I never heard mention of 1/4" seams or matching the joints, but hey, they look OK!  It was a nice way to spend a Saturday morning, and I get to talk and listen (mainly listening) to real czechs!


  1. like your phase' plow my own furrows' sounds like me

  2. I love the scrappy trip quilts but I didnt want to jump on the band wagon ...maybe now all the hype is all over I can plough my own furrow with you!

  3. That does indeed sound like a lovely way to spend a morning. Looking good too, and who cares if it was last year, go for it!

  4. Dahling, it's 'retro' not 'last year' ;o)