28 December 2014

Best foot forward

Hello everyone!  Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!  We had a lovely few days with friends, and just as they left, the snow arrived.  I don't think it will be much, but as Gordon's knee is still not too strong, guess who will be clearing the drive!  As we are getting close to the end of the year, I've realised I have to catch up with a my finishes for the Q4 FAL. These have been finished for ages, but what with one thing and another, I never got around to blogging about them.

I am quite new to sock knitting, and have only ever knit a sock from the top down, on double ended pins, but I was recommended by Di to have a try at knitting from the toe up, which I think is her preferred method. I chose to make these socks,

and I also chose to try knitting on two circular needles for a change.

So far so good!

Turned the corner OK

I even blocked them this time!

 And the verdict on the new technique?  Well,  I like using the two circular needles.  Although it's a little slower, I find I can keep the tension more even, so I think I'll use them again.  But I don't think the toe up technique is for me, mainly because I don't cast off very evenly and the tops are a bit of a mess, one being much tighter than the other.  I also have to find a technique for avoiding a big hole where you pick the stitches up again after turning the heel.  All in all though, I love these socks.  They are easy to knit, the pattern is dead easy once you've knit the first full pattern, and they are lovely to wear.

Pattern:  Diamond Gansy Socks from "Socks from the toe up" by Wendy Johnson
Needles:  Circular needs 2.5mm
Started: September 2014
Finished December 2014
Another finish for  the Q4 FAL

Finish Along 2014


  1. Your socks are lovely. I prefer top down too but have made many of both kinds. Now that you are using circular needles, consider tying the magic loop method - it is my favourite now for knitting in the round despite its silly name.

  2. Fabulous socks and a great colour

  3. These are great looking socks. I prefer toe up because I can gauge the fit better. Next time try the fish lips kiss heel. No holes when turning the heel. Also I learned to pull the second stitch on the needle real tight and that helps avoid the hole too.

  4. Nice job! Although apparently you lot with your colourful wool obsessions are causing my mum no end of bother finding cream wool for kilt hose for my dad!

  5. I've never knitted socks but yours look lovely!

  6. This is my favourite sock pattern, and I've made quite a few of them! I use one long circular needle and knit both socks at the same time. To avoid the hole, I pick up a stitch on each end in the first round, and then decrease in the next round. I think you did a great job on yours!

  7. your socks look great! what type of cast on did you use? i could not manage the judy's magic cast on...but the turkish cast on worked wonders for me. there are some youtube tutorials that are wonderful!