08 December 2014

Little Quilts swap

       Finish Along 2014
In the last few days, I've knocked quite a few of my Q4 Finish-along projects on the head.  The first is the mini quilt I made for the Little Quilts Swap.   I am a great fan of Sarah Fielke, so when I saw a swap was being organised around her book, Little Quilts, (written with Amy Lobisger) I had to join in.
Little Quilts - Paperback - 9781782491378 - Sarah Fielke & Amy Lobsiger
This is an Instagram based swap, and as the vast majority of the swappees are Australian, I have got to stalk a new bunch of quilters and bloggers.

My secret swap partner posted her 4 favourite quilts. All of the quilts were challenging in some way but I chose to may the Fans of May designed by Amy Lobsiger

Sometimes, I find it hard to get away from the colours in the book, but my partner wanted "clean" colours, so I went with turquoise, green and coral/red colour scheme

I ditched the darker green sashing so that the fans "floated

I still don't have a machine capable of FMQ'ing, so I opted to to hand quilt most of it.

And here's a not very good photo of the finished item

And a little key ring copied from a gift I had from a swap partner in a previous  swap

So my parcel has traveled all the way to Oz, and my partner seems to be pretty happy with it.  I haven't received my quilt yet, but it is probably coming from Australia, and the law states that my swap package with be one of the last, if not the last!

In all honesty, I'm not terribly good at posting at the moment, but I have a quilt and a pair of socks to show you, so stick with me, they'll be about soon!


  1. I think you did a bang up good job on this quilt and your partner should be very happy

  2. Very nice little quilt. I'm sure your secret partner loves it and I hope the one you receive will be as pretty!

  3. It looks great! I think I'd also feel rather wedded to the colour scheme if I was copying for a book, it's hard to be only partially spontaneously creative!

  4. It's a lovely mini quilt. Such pretty colours. I think you nailed the clean, clear colours request. I say those words about the colours I love too.