06 January 2015

Begone, 2014

Finish Along 2014

I am so happy with my finishes in the Q$ FAL.  I wanted to finish 7 things, and actually finished 5.  I have already blogged them all, and,  rather than repeat myself here is a quick run through, with links to the original post

September Blue (or Pink?)

Diamond Ganseys

Little Quilts Swap

Life on the ocean wave

Turning Japanese

I missed out on finishing the two seat pads for my friend, so those will be carried forward to Q1 2015.
I'm sneaking in at the 11th hour, hours before the FAL party closes, so please forgive for the brevity of this post!  Oh and I'm also brain dead today!  Thanks though to Katy for hosting the FAL in 2014.  I'm sure she didn't realise how much hard work it would be.  Looking forward to finding out who will be doing it in 2015!


  1. That was pretty damned good, it would have taken me the year just to knit the socks ;o)

  2. 5 finishes is really great. Congratulations.

  3. blue/pink? Blink! I think I'm turning Japanese, I think I'm turning Japanese I really think so!

  4. I expect that with retirement you will be having a list as long as your arm to work on now. ;-D

  5. Are you linking up a new list with Adrianne?
    You did tons better than me, you have no excuse now either now you're all retired and stuff ;)

  6. 5 out of 7 is really good and they are pretty, too