11 January 2015

It's good to have a plan

A few years ago, when we were skiing in Steamboat, we had a real hunk of a skiing instructor who was ex Navy Seals and had the sexiest, gravelly Texan drawl you could imagine.  His favourite saying was "It's good to have a plan" .  My friend Jenn and I were happy to go along with anything he said!

Anyway, back to the plan.  I have plan.  It's different to the one I had a couple of days ago (I was going to take my quilty stitches cross stitch with me on holiday), but it's a good one!

A couple of months ago I signed up to the Rainbow Charm swap organised by Cindy and Irini.  I had almost forgotten about it, but the other day a colourful little package arrived full of pretty charm squares.

So what to do with them?  I wanted a specific project that I could use them on, and I also needed a project for my forthcoming travels, and a plan was forming in my little mind.

I've always wanted to make this quilt from Tacha Bruecher's  book Hexa go-go

I also received a lovely "extra " gift of some hexie templates from Tina (@mrsrosey90) in the Little Quilts Swap.

Bingo! x + y = z.  I have a plan!

It won't be exactly the same as Tascha's pattern -the diamonds will be smaller, in each of the rainbow colours, sashed with a low volume/textie print.  So now I'm busily cutting 2 1/2" squares  and basting them before we go off on holiday on Friday.

Oh, but it's good to have a plan.


  1. You can take your cross stitching along too. This is a lovely plan.

  2. It's a fantastic plan, I am so jealous of your trip, it sounds amazing! :o)

  3. Great idea nad the quilt looks fabulous!

  4. You flirty girty from No.30 you! Great plan Di. x

  5. When do you go to New Zealand? Bridget was looking for a hand sewing project too when I spoke to her on Saturday :) Looks like you're making progress already!

  6. WOAH! What a plan it is! This is going to be gorgeous....a different kind of gorgeous, though, than the Texan in my head. Hubba hubba.