08 March 2015

For me

We've had to go up to the big city (Brno) a fair amount recently for various appointments. Monday was my birthday, and as Gordon had an appointment at the hospital for his knee, we thought we'd turn it into a birthday day out.  Well 2 hours at the hosipital, a rubbish lunch, and a shopping bag that contained a bottom sheet for the bed and 2 tins of corned beef, was not really what we had imagined!

Take 2 - Friday we had an appointment at the bank.  This time we didn't have to wait at all,   Then I discovered a wonderful shop called Tiger, that I am certain we will re-visit,

And I managed to sneak in a visit to the fabric shop, where I spent a happy half hour making friends with a lady who was shopping there too, and I came out with everything I need for my next quilt.

Its called Lime twist from Makower, and it's going to be a quilt for my nephew and his partner who love all things 70's.

I also got binding for my Teacups (left) and for the Butterflies (right) although now I don't think I have enough!!

Talking of Teacups, I am so pleased with myself that I have now finished the hand quilting. It's all squared up ready for binding - with a little help

I was so excited to have finished hand quilting a whole quilt!  George, however,  was under- whelmed!

I'm nippng off now to try and get the binding attached to the Teacups, before we go out into the garden.  Have a good rest of the weekend!


  1. Your Tiger shop looks suspiciously like on we have in Glasgow, very cheap but more stylish than a Pound shop!

  2. Your Teacups looks fantastic!

  3. Belated happy birthday, Di! I'm absolutely loving the tea cups and am so pleased to have played a tiny part in the making of this beauty.

  4. Hi Dianne! This quilt is adorable and I can see your friends love it! Beautiful NEW Fabrics! I think it was the same 'Tiger' shop I visite in Finland and it was full of great fun things. x Teje

  5. Happy Birthday! Had I known there was a fabric shop when I went to Brno, I might have done some damage to my pocketbook!

  6. I've been in a Tiger before too, think it was in Copenhagen? I bet there's a couple hidden in the UK too as they seem to be getting about Europe!

  7. Happy belated birthday, Di! Your teacups quilt will be fabulous, btw!