28 March 2015

From Cellar to Cellar

There is a small village not far from us called Velke Bilovice,  that has around 650 wine cellars ranging from small family cellars to commercial enterprises.  Each year they have an "open wine cellars" day when many of the cellars, this year 50, open their doors to the public, and you can sample czech wines from the very good to the truly awful.  My brother came over from the UK this weekend especially to visit.  We managed 21 out of the 50, and I'm pleased to say, we can all walk in a straight line and talk sensibly.  Mind you, like everything else in this world, each year the price goes up and the measures get smaller!

It could be a quiet night tonight!


  1. I'm liking the art installations! 😳

  2. Brilliant photos Di! They must have been very small samples indeed, if you managed 21 and could still walk in a straight line!

  3. hope you remembered to spit and not swallow ;-)