04 March 2015

Long Time Gone

Wow - it's about 6 weeks since I last wrote a post.  Those of you who follow me on Instagram will know I've been away on holiday for 4 weeks to New Zealand and Hong Kong.  We're still sorting through the 2500 photos, and will bring you the edited highlights soon.

In the meantime, there has been some sewing.  My holiday hexies came along very well

Hexies were spottted in all sorts of places

However, since I got back I've been trying to get the hand quilting on my teacups quilt finished

You can just about see here that I chose to quilt a meandering vine pattern along the borders.  Just two more to go now, and the binding.

And I'm also nearing the end with the butterflies (thank heavens!)

I'm waiting for a new quilting foot to arrive from England, which is taking forever.  I shall be so happy to see the back end of these.  It's not my choice of pattern, and I've grown to detest the colours!  I may have mentioned this before!

So what with this, a bit of sock knitting, and a ton of admistration that has piled up whilst we were away, my newly found retirement time is fully occupied!  Lets hope I can get out on the garden soon - hopefully we missed the worst of the winter, and spring is not very far away.

Linking up with Lee's WIP Wednesday, and a little late on parade, but also with Lynne's Fresh Sewing Day.


  1. Hexies are perfect for travel, aren't they? They look super as diamonds!

  2. I am looking forward to hearing about your vacation.

  3. Loving the hexies! They look great.

  4. i love to work on epp while traveling because then the blocks remind me of the travels! your handquilting is looking really nice, too, on that teacups quilt. i just finished off a quilt whose colors i did not much like. it's not a very fun experience to work with something you don't like much but the recipient was very happy so i'm happy now, too. hope your foot arrives so you can get it done soon!

  5. oh no! you dont like the flutterbys? i thought it was lovely. great hexying x

  6. I love your hexies and I totally understand falling out of love with a project. Good luck getting it finished!

  7. Oh wow, is that a tiny house with a round door?!

  8. It seems we need a good cuppa and a catch up. Lots of projects are coming to a close. I've started so many new ones too