11 March 2015

Wet Wednesday in March

Since we sold the business at the end of last year, the fact I'm retired hasn't really hit home, as we've been tying up loose ends, holidaying, and then catching up from the holiday.  But this week, I have started to feel retired.  The weather has been beautiful, so I've been able to potter in the garden, without thinking I've got to do everything in one day.  The dogs have been walked, and we've had a bonfire.  And when you wake up to a throughly miserable wet day like today, there's no question of what I will be doing!

Cutting for my next project

And a little hand sewing whilst watching the first episode of the new Poldark series.  The first series was one of my all time favourites, and I read all the books.  I wonder if the new one will be as good?

And yes, I know I have sewn the binding on back to front, but as it's only a cushion for me, i'm confident that my hand  sewing is good enough!  I really wasn't going to rip the binding off and start again!


  1. I think it will look beautiful with hand sewing, and even if it showed you could call it Zakka style. I share your love of Poldark and am looking forward to seeing how the new one lives up to Robin Ellis!

  2. Sounds wonderful! Enjoy easing into retirement. I'm sure with time you'll find your own routine at home...sewing in the AM, lunch, more sewing, playing with pets. Sounds fantastic.